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Riding Executive

Statement about the Riding Executive:

The Timmins-James Bay Federal Liberal Association Executive is a team of enthusiastic and energetic individuals looking to help build the Timmins-James Bay Liberal membership and engage the community in a meaningful and positive way. Encouraged by the groundswell of support during Justin Trudeau’s win to become the Prime Minister, the Riding Executive is keen to maintain the momentum with participation in community events and actively engaging citizens in the matters of the community.
By growing membership and fostering Liberal ideals in the riding, the Association will be well positioned for success in the next federal election.

Riding Executive:

Chair – Sonia Migneault

Vice-Chair – Paul Latondress

Secretary – Michelle Boileau

Organization Chair – Nicholas Harterre

Policy Chair – Ted Tichinoff

Board Members – Jean Roy and Shane Lebrun

Treasurer – Andrea Ennis-Booth